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The World Centre for Peace, Liberties and Human Rights presents the exhibition « Drôles de Paix : 1945-2019 » (Strange Peaces : 1945-2019)

The exhibition « Drôles de Paix: 1945-2019 » is placed under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic.

Since 1945, the world has lived without a major conflict. A bipolar world resulted from the Cold War, divided into two blocks that, without direct confrontation, fought wars by proxy.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the world has entered into a multipolar relationship that is complex to understand and anticipate.

Since 1950, Europe has been trying to regain its balance in the face of stronger and more numerous powers.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, Europe and the world are facing multiple challenges (terrorism, technologies, the environment, struggles for influence, the emerging of new powers, populism, international trade, financial crises…).

For 70 years, Peace has been relative: no major conflict, but an increase in regional conflicts and crises in an increasingly complex multipolar context.

The exhibition « Drôles de Paix : 1945-2019 » offers an insight into these different challenges in an immersive and playful scenography.


Real gadgets
used by Cold War spies

Many objects of everyday life
within the communist bloc


More than 200 exceptional and surprising objects are to be discovered to relive these different periods, including the presence of real gadgets used by Cold War spies made available by the General Directorate of Homeland Security (in France) or many objects of everyday life within the communist bloc.

An essential visit.




Practical information:

Exhibition open every day from 10am to 6pm

Price: from 3.50 to 7 € – half price for children from 6 years old
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Visitor’s Feedback:

Friday, May 09
• Recalls memories
• Reminds us of what we've been through
• A lot of information... nevertheless very interesting
• Panel too high.... tiring
• Interesting
• Very well done

Sunday, May 5
• Refreshing for memory
• Instructive
• Allows us to recall the last decades
• Very good, well arranged....

Saturday, May 4
• Original
• It changes the battlefields
• The three screens are too fast
• Impressive

Thursday, May 2
• Good, interesting
• Very rich, what a research job!
• Enriching and surprising

Thursday, April 25
• Really well
• Impressive
• The introduction, the three screens shake us up
• Nice/playful/rich
• Screens too fast
• Well occupied rooms
• Light spot hides the shooter, the effect is reduced
• Shooter placed too high

Wednesday, April 24th
• Very good, perfect
• Too much reading
• Interesting video, but too fast
• Very interesting

Monday, April 22nd
• We liked it
• Interesting and unexpected
• Very interesting and very well done
• It takes us back into history... very interesting
• An immersion in the dark hours of history... very instructive...

Sunday, April 21
• Very good, it makes you want to come back with your children and grandchildren
• Superb, however first room difficult to follow, the images skip too fast and at the same time
• Great
• Very good, glad I came, I don't regret it
• A little too dense, but an interesting journey

Saturday, April 20
• Congratulations to all the staff members

Friday, April 19
• Very good, glad to have come, excellent, well explained, interesting and perfect for school children, better than long speeches in class!
• Very telling
• A downside: you often have to lift your head and tilt it to look up
• The wall with the different dates of entry of the countries into the EU is very well done
• Very interesting, the video that is broadcast on TV is very rich and interesting, however the information comes a little fast
• Schools should bring us here; it would be an opportunity to approach the subject in a more pleasant way than classes